About  Real Investment Analytics Pty Ltd (RIA)

1.  An ambassador for real asset investing

  • Promote and support the evolution of the real asset sector. As such, RIA will service the property (core and non-core sectors), infrastructure, agriculture and private equity.

  • Focus on Australia, New Zealand and Asian investment markets


RIA’s client base is diverse and expands across the entire real asset spectrum, including key client groups: asset owners, asset/fund managers, asset providers and asset occupiers. RIA will also engage closely with trade organisations, government bodies and agencies, and the academic community.   


2.  Deliver a platform for non-listed investments

  • Facilitates private real asset investing between investors and managers

  • Enhances market transparency and liquidity


3.  Be the leading analytical service for “real asset” investments

  • Deliver insightful research and strategic analysis to service asset owners, asset managers,  asset creators and asset users 

  • Provide objective analysis undertaken by an independent third-party consultant


RIA’s analytical platform is comprised of two main streams: i) Research Assignments and ii) Strategic Investment Analysis.


i)  Research Assignments

While our research mandate is wide, the focus is on investment sector analysis as well as ESG/Sustainability. The sector analysis will provide an overview of market trends and cyclical profiles across various real asset sectors. It will also provide insights into sector-market drivers. The ESG/Sustainability analysis aims to quantify the impact of “green” initiatives on investment performance.    


ii)  Strategic Investment Analysis

 The scope of analytical work incorporate a broad spectrum, including portfolio construction, asset-sector allocation, portfolio performance evaluation (historical), asset pricing, investment risk modeling and undertaking investment strategic analysis. The analysis can be conducted at the asset portfolio level of investment fund level.